Sedalia's Story

As I walked through the front door of her small frame house, this frail white haired lady, wearing a faded little house dress, shuffled from her bedroom to greet me. She stuck out her hand to shake mine, and in a voice that was much bigger than she was said, �I�m Mrs. Sedalia Boyd. Have you come to fix this old house?�

I told her I was there for a home visit and would see what we could help her with. I did my walk through and came back to visit with her. I sat beside her on her bed and told her what assistance we could offer. She asked if we could paint the house a bright yellow. We have standard colors that we always use so we can use the leftover paint on the next house. Bright yellow is not one of our standard colors, but for Ms. Sedalia, we would make an exception this time.

We visited a while; then I asked if I could pray for her before I left. I put my arm around her and she laid her head on my shoulder. I could feel the weariness in her as she leaned against me. Weariness from a life of hardships, now nearing its end. After I finished praying she said, �You know, this morning I was feeling sick, but now I feel better. Because today, my Lord came by to see me.�

I could hardly stand to leave. I was on holy ground. She understood what it was all about. It wasn�t Backyard Mission or LakeRidge UMC; it was her Lord that came to visit that day. Mrs. Boyd has since gone on to be with her Lord, but I will always remember her words that day. It is why we do what we do.

�Today, my Lord came by to see me.�

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